Q&A: Mark Burnett on The Bible Sequel and How It Landed at NBC

How did it affect them? These four workers share their stories. From part-time to full-time Name: Krystal Maxi-Collins Employer: Macy’s, Chicago Collins, 29, worked at the Macy’s ( M , Fortune 500 ) department store off and on for two years, and was frustrated that she wasn’t made a full-time employee. Her pay wasn’t enough to support her family of four, so she worked a second job. When she asked her manager for a promotion earlier this year, she was passed over. So Collins joined other retail and fast food workers on April 24 in a rally outside of Chicago’s Union Station asking their employers to give them better hours, wages and benefits. Soon after the rally, Collins’ manager offered her a full-time position in the Macy’s shoe department.
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Manga is such a pervasive force that we see a lot of students who have spent most of their time mastering the tics and behaviors of the most popular Japanese comics. In our teen programs, we will encourage the students to see these mannerisms more clearly, and to allow them more control and more options. In our single-year program, we will go further by emphasizing a breaking down of learned mannerisms (this is true of any over-stylized system of creating) towards finding their own personal mode of storytelling. From there, most students report a sort of breakthrough where they begin to understand their own ideas and tendencies better, and as such begin to settle on deeper and more personal methods, techniques and styles. An attentive student can now go back to a popular manga style if they see fit, though most expand on their new found inventiveness and independence. Who is this for?
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He challenged them to look at the future when it came to the best way to manage and protect forests so both public and industry could benefit from the health and wealth of the land. He had the knowledge that all of these forested areas could be extremely productive if only they were managed well, using the far more conservative harvesting technique. Mr. Drey wished to prove that by doing things his way, the structure of the forest would remain the same or be even more beneficial than it already was. With the long-range objective for Pioneer Forest still in place to develop and manage native tree species of large diameter, while also providing recreational and ecosystem benefits Leo Drey has literally shown that his idea was more than bountiful. The L-A-D Foundation was begun so that Mr.
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But a History spokesperson says the channel passed on A.D., adding, “We’re about what’s next.” NBC Lands Mark Burnett’s Follow-Up to The Bible A.D. (which is still a working title) will begin in the days after Jesus’ death as his disciples look to survive. Writing is already under way on the event, with production expected to start next year in Morocco. “It was probably one of the bloodiest times in human history,” Burnett says of A.D.’s timeframe. “Just really, really scary.” Burnett spoke with TV Guide Magazine about his next big project; an edited transcript follows. TV Guide Magazine: How and when did the idea for a sequel to The Bible come about?
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